Robeeta Office Smarter Call - User Manual

Robeeta Office Smarter Call - User Manual

6.1 Incoming Calls

The Incoming Calls page lists the calls received from customers.

Follow these steps to manage the Incoming calls:

  • Select the Incoming Calls menu, from the CDR option.

  • Date filtering options include "Set Dates," "From Date," and “To date" for precise search capabilities.

  • In order to find a particular Incoming calls, you can use the Quicksearch filter, then hit the “Search” button.

  • Fig 6.2
  • Call ID, Duration, customer number (From number), and agent/department number (To number) details are presented in the table.

  • Agents can initiate calls to customers by simply clicking the "Click to Call" iconIcon Image

  • The system auto-fills customer and agent numbers for seamless calling.

  • By clicking the call icon Icon Image, a form named Call Log is opened, displaying details of incoming calls for the specific customer.

  • Fig 6.3