Robeeta Office Smarter Call - User Manual

Robeeta Office Smarter Call - User Manual

5.4 Manage Schedule Call

Add Schedule call

  • Select the Add Schedule call menu, from the Manage Schedule call option.

  • On the "Info" tab, Enter the Contact Name, Remarks and Schedule on.

  • Ensure the contact name exists before inputting, as the Mobile number auto-generates upon entry.

  • Select the desired Department from the Department field.

  • Fig 5.8
  • After filling in the required valid details, click "Update" to save the Schedule Task.

Manage Schedule Task:

The Manage Schedule Call page lists the Schedule Task

Follow these steps to manage the Schedule call:

  • Select the Manage Schedule Call menu, from the Call option.

  • In order to find a particular Schedule call, you can use the filters, then hit the “Search” button.

  • Agents can initiate calls to customers by simply clicking the "Click to Call" icon Icon Image and complete Schedule Task.

  • Fig 5.9

Edit Schedule Task

  • You can edit the field by clicking the “Tag” icon.

  • On the Edit Schedule Task page, Task Owner can only modify the “Cancel” Toggle.

  • If the Task is cancel task owner should provide the cancel Reason.

  • Fig 5.10
  • Click “Update” button to save the changes.