Robeeta Office Smarter Call - User Manual

Robeeta Office Smarter Call - User Manual

5.1 Click To Call

  • Select the “Click To Call” menu from the “Call” option.

  • The “Click To Call” page includes two fields: "Customer Number" and "Caller Number."

  • Click to Call

                    Fig 5.2

  • Enter the customer number in the “Customer Number” field.

  • Choose a number from the "Caller Number" field to initiate a call to the customer.

  • Clicking the "Call" button connects to the caller's number.

  • Initially, the call is directed to the agent.

  • Click to Call

                   Fig 5.3

  • Upon the agent's acceptance, they receive a Telegram alert regarding the outgoing call details.
  • Subsequently, the call proceeds to reaching out to the customer.

Note: To receive alerts on Telegram, you have to verify your Telegram account. Click here for the Telegram Bot Verification.