Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual

Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual


  • Real-time locations of all devices displayed on an interactive map.

  • Users can also monitor device history and track movements over specific timeframes.

  • Historical tracking useful for reviewing past routes and analyzing patterns.

  • For a more immersive experience, users can access the map in full-page mode by simply clicking the pin icon located at the top right corner of the header.

  • This expanded view offers a more detailed and comprehensive perspective of the tracked devices' movements.

  • To go back to the regular view, click the same pin icon again.

  • To locate a specific device, you can use the “Search” filter.

  • By clicking the “View” icon associated with a specific device, users can visually track its movements directly on the map.

  • The map will dynamically update, showing the device's live locations through a moving virtual point, accurately indicating its real-time travel.

  • The tracker page includes a log feature that displays historical data for each device. This enables users to delve into past data for further analysis and reference.

  • Clicking the edit icon on the “Log” tab allows users to view the precise location of the device on the map. This feature offers a granular level of detail, facilitating thorough monitoring and analysis of the vehicle's location.

  • Furthermore, Robeeta GPS provides the capability to access information regarding the distance covered by individual users. To access this information, navigate to the “Log” tab where you will find the total distance displayed prominently.

Overall, the tracker page provides a user-friendly and robust tool, encompassing both real-time and historical tracking capabilities. The interactive mapping features and access to detailed device information empower users to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve effective management of their devices' movements and activities, contributing to improved productivity and better control over their fleet or assets.