Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual

Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual

Telegram Updates

To ensure the reception of real-time updates concerning users, specifically intended for admins and owner, adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Verify the Telegram Bot:

  2. Create a New Telegram Group:

    • Open Telegram and click on “New Group” from the side menu. Give the group a name and click “Next”. Add “Robeeta Robot” to the group and click “Create” to finalize the group creation.

  3. Start a Chat:

    • Once the group is created, start a chat by typing “/start”. You will receive a message containing the chat ID. Share this particular chat ID with us.

  4. Receive Updates:

    • At this juncture, you will commence receiving messages concerning absentees, as well as notifications pertaining to individual users who have exhibited prolonged periods of inactivity.

By executing these steps, you will effectively be in receipt of real-time notifications, facilitating a streamlined and effective monitoring process for user activities within your premises.

Follow these instructions for individual users to get their own real-time updates:

  1. Verify the Telegram Bot:

  2. Receive Updates:

    • Subsequently, you will exclusively receive notifications concerning your device, particularly regarding instances of prolonged inactivity.

Upon fulfilling these steps, you will successfully activate the reception of real-time notifications. This functionality facilitates the efficient monitoring of your personal user activities within your designated premises.