Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual

Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual


The Admin menu includes: Device and Department masters.

Only Admins and Owner have access to this menu. It won’t show up for other users.

Add Device:

  • You can add a new device by clicking the “Add Device” button on the “Manage Device” page. 

  • Fig 3.3.1
  • The “Add Device” page contains the following information. 

  • To obtain the specific locations of individual users, ensure that you add the unique Device Identifier code of each user in the IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) Code field on the “Add Device” page. 

  • Enable Alert: Set it to enable to start receiving Telegram alerts. If you do not require Telegram alerts, you can disable it.

  • Fill out the necessary, accurate information, then click “Update” to save the Device.

Manage Device:

  • In this section you will find a list of devices added by the user.(refer Fig 3.3.1)

  • In order to find a particular device, you can use the Quick Search and Status filter, then hit the “Search” button.

  • This page displays the details of device name, department, IMEI code, and status etc.

Edit Device:

  • To modify the device click the “Tag” icon on the “Manage Device” page.

  • On the “Edit Device” page, you can modify the details of the device and hit “Update” to save the changes.

Note: The same process is repeated for the “Department” master.