Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual

Robeeta Office GPS - User Manual


  • GPS software is designed to work with GPS technology to process and manage location data, and it plays a crucial role in various industries, from personal navigation to fleet management.

  • It enables users to get the current location of individuals or vehicles, along with their traveled paths.

  • The software processes the location data from GPS devices and presents it on a map interface, making it easier for users to understand real-time movements and positions.

  • Besides tracking, GPS modules offer advanced driving features like speed monitoring, total distance travelled and real-time vehicle location updates.

  • GPS live vehicle movements provide real-time tracking, allowing users to see vehicles' current positions on a map with high accuracy. The data collected from GPS systems can enhance operational efficiency.

  • Overall, GPS technology has transformed vehicle tracking and monitoring, offering real-time visibility and improved efficiency.

  • The module encompasses various options such as Dashboard, Master, and Tracker. In this chapter, we will guide you through the straightforward utilization of the GPS Module.