Robeeta Office - User Manual

Robeeta Office - User Manual


The Master menu includes: Location, Vehicle Type, Visitor Type and Purpose masters.

This menu will be available only for admins and owner.


Add Location:

  • Select the “Manage Location” option, from the “Master” menu.

  • On the “Manage Location” page, you can find “Add Location” button.

  • Fig 7.2.1
  • The “Add Location” page consists of Location and Username etc.

  • You can add multiple users to a specific location, then hit “Update” to save changes.

Manage Location:

  • In this section, you will find a list of locations added by the user.(refer Fig 7.2.1)

  • In order to find a particular location, you can use the location filter, then hit the “Search” button.

  • This page displays the locations etc.

Edit Location:

  • To modify the location click the “Tag” icon on the “Manage Location” page.

  • On the “Edit Location” page, you can modify the details of the location and hit “Update” to save the changes.

Note: The same process is repeated for the “Vehicle Type”, “Visitor Type” and “Purpose” masters.