Robeeta Office - User Manual

Robeeta Office - User Manual

Add Telegram Configuration

In order to receive real-time updates whenever a vehicle or visitor is enters or exits the company premises, we have implemented a Telegram configuration feature.

Users can set up specific configurations for both vehicles and visitors.

This integration allows us to send automated messages to the designated group on Telegram, providing valuable information to users.

To set up the Telegram configuration and receive real-time updates for vehicle and visitor entries, follow these steps:

  1. Verify the Telegram Bot:

  2. Create a New Telegram Group:

    • Open Telegram and click on “New Group” from the side menu. Give the group a name and click “Next”. Add “RobeetaRobot” to the group and click “Create” to finalize the group creation.

  3. Start a Chat:

    • Once the group is created, start a chat by typing “/start”. You will receive a message containing the chat ID, which serves as your chat guid in Robeeta's TimeOffice.

  4. Receive Updates:

    • Now, whenever a vehicle enters or exits the company premises, you will receive messages in the group you created. You can also create a separate group specifically for vehicle and visitor entries, if desired.

By completing these steps, you'll successfully configure Telegram to receive real-time notifications, enabling efficient monitoring of vehicle and visitor activities within your premises.

Follow these steps to add telegram configuration:

  • Under the “Settings” menu, click “Add Configuration” button from the “Manage Telegram Configuration” page.

  • When adding a new configuration, users must choose the type of notification they wish to set up, whether it's for “Vehicle” or “Visitor”.

  • To ensure the messages are sent to the correct Telegram group, users need to input the unique Chat Guid associated with the group.

  • Once the necessary details are filled in, clicking the “Update” button will save the configuration, activating the real-time notification system.