Robeeta Office - User Manual

Robeeta Office - User Manual

Custom Field

Add Custom Field:

Follow these steps to add custom fields:

  • Select the “Add Custom Field” menu, from the “Master” option.

  • On the “Add Custom Field” page, enter the name of the field you wish to add for salelead.

  • Choose the appropriate input type for the field, such as dropdowns or text boxes.

  • To specify dropdown values for the input type dropdown, you must list the options within the “Option Name” field under the “Custom Option” tab.

  • Specify the order in which the fields should appear on the salelead form.

  • If the field is necessary for data entry, mark it as mandatory by checking the designated “Mandatory” checkbox.

  • After providing all necessary details, click on the “Update” button to incorporate the field into the system.

Manage Custom Field:

The “Manage Custom Field” page lists the fields thus added.

Follow these steps to manage the custom fields:

  • Select the “Manage Custom Field” menu, from the “Master” option.

  • In this section, you will find field featuring “Search”, “Edit” and “Delete” functionality.

  • In order to find a particular field, you can use the type and quicksearch filter, then hit the “Search” button.

  • You can edit the field by clicking the “Tag” icon.

  • On the “Edit Custom Field” page, you can modify the order index, mandatory options.

  • You have the option to enable or disable a field using the “Enable” checkbox.

  • If a field is disabled, it will not be visible on the salelead page.

  • Click “Update” button to save the changes.

  • To delete a particular field, click the “Delete” icon.

  • On the “Delete Custom Field” page, type “Delete” and hit “Confirm” to delete the field.

Note: The fields added here will be displayed on both the Add and Edit salelead pages, accessible under the “Custom” tab.