Robeeta Office - User Manual

Robeeta Office - User Manual


  • Robeeta Office is one of the advanced technologies using which you can assign, follow, and complete tasks on time.

  • It provides task assignment tools to help you stay organized.

  • You can assign tasks to coworkers, managers, clients and all of the team members. 

  • The Robeeta Office app integrates with Telegram so you can get notifications once the task has been assigned.

  • With this app,you can track all sale leads, inventory and purchase orders from one central location with easy-to-use dashboards.

  • Most organizations now prefer Robeeta Office to simplify their business processes.

  • It helps you get more tasks done in less time and ensures maximum sales.

  • With the Time office of Robeeta, users can store their guest details and vehicle details.

  • These details will help you maintain the security of your premises and keep track of anyone who enters your workplace and for what reason.

  • Here, you will find instructions on how to use Robeeta effectively.