Robeeta Office Gallery - User Manual

Robeeta Office Gallery - User Manual


Add Group:

  • To add a group, you can initiate the process by clicking the “Add Group” button found on the “Manage Group” page.

  • Fig 4.2.1
  • The “Add Group” page provides the following information.

  • The “Add Group” page comprises fields for Category Name, Group Name, Order Number, Enable File Ordering and Is Public.

  • Select a category name from the Category dropdown and enter a group name.

  • Order Number: When group ordering is enabled in the selected category, the groups will be displayed in the order specified by the order number otherwise not required.

  • Enable File Ordering: By enabling File Order, users can control the order in which images and documents are displayed.

  • Is Public: Determines whether the category appears in public or private mode.

  • Fill the required valid details and click “Update” to save the Group.

Manage Group:

  • In this section you will find the list of all groups added by the user.(refer Fig 4.2.1)

  • In order to find a particular group, you can use the Quick Search filter, then hit the “Search” button.

  • This page provides detailed information about each group, category, and its accessibility settings.

Edit Group:

  • To modify the group click the “Edit” icon located under the “Option” column on the “Manage Group” page.

  • On the “Edit Group” page, you can make modifications to the group details and save your changes by clicking “Update” button.

Delete Group:

  • To delete a particular group, click the “Delete” icon in the “Option” column.

  • On the “Delete Group” page, type “Delete” and hit “Confirm” to delete the group.