Robeeta Office Access - User Manual

Robeeta Office Access - User Manual

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Telegram features:

  1. Attendance Alert:

    • Users will receive a Telegram alert whenever their attendance is marked. This real-time notification ensures that employees are informed about the successful recording of their attendance.

  2. Prompt for Attendance:

    • In the event that employees forget to mark their attendance for a specific login time, the system will automatically send them a Telegram alert as a reminder. This proactive prompt encourages employees to promptly mark their presence.

  3. Customizable Settings:

    • The Telegram alert options are highly configurable, If a company wish to receive Telegram alerts, they can customize this feature.

    • Moreover, within the “Department Master” section, admins and owner have the ability to configure Telegram alerts exclusively for specific departments. This ensures that users receive Telegram messages solely related to their respective departments and prevents unnecessary notifications that are not relevant to their roles.

By incorporating Telegram features into the attendance management system, administrators and users can stay well-informed about attendance status, enabling a more proactive and efficient approach to attendance tracking and workforce management. These features help to foster a culture of accountability and improve overall attendance compliance within the organization.