Robeeta Office Access - User Manual

Robeeta Office Access - User Manual


This menu will be available only for admins and owner.

Add Employee:

Follow these steps to add an employee:

  • Select the “Manage Employee” option, from the “Admin” menu.

  • On the “Manage Employee” page, click on “Add Employee” to enter Employee details.

  • The “Add Employee” page consists of the following details.(refer Fig 3.3.1, Fig 3.3.2)

    Fig 3.3.1

    Fig 3.3.2
  • On the Location tab, map the specific location to the respective employee. By doing this, you designate the selected location as a place where employees are permitted to mark their attendance.

  • For field employees, there is no need to add a fixed location. Instead, their locations can be captured in real-time, allowing them to mark their attendance from any location where they are physically present. This flexibility enables field employees to conveniently mark their attendance anywhere they may be conducting their work duties.

  • Enter the required valid details and click “Update” to save the Employee.

Manage Employee:

The “Manage Employee” page provides users with a comprehensive list of all employees associated with the organization.

Follow these steps to manage the employees:

  • Select the “Manage Employee” option, from the “Admin” menu.

  • In this section, you will find employees featuring “Search”, “Edit”, and “Add Fingerprint” functionality.

  • In order to find a particular employee, you can use the Quick Search filter, then hit the “Search” button.

  • You can edit the details of a particular employee by clicking the “Edit” icon.

  • On the “Edit Employee” page, you can modify the details of the employee and hit “Update” to save the changes. 

  • The “Add Fingerprint” page facilitates the process of adding your fingerprint for device access.

  • This page contains employee name, device name and fingerprint type.

  • The “Overwrite” option has been implemented to allow users to overwrite or replace an existing fingerprint record in the system.